The World Science Festival is one of the most prestigious “celebrations of scientific exploration . . . which brings together many of the world’s leading scientists with renowned artists and influential thinkers for five vibrant days to invigorate the mind.”

“Eddie, you were GREAT!”  – Alan Alda

“Eddie, you had the audience from the get-go, and your masterful command of the stage set up the whole show.”    – Graham Chedd,  Producer/Director,  2016 World Science Festival FLAME CHALLENGE show.

World Science Festival 2016

Full Performance – 22 min

Alan Alda and Eddie Goldstein – on stage at the 2016 World Science Festival Flame Challenge.

850 people in the audience.

Webcast live from the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts in New York City.


World Science Festival 2016

Highlights – 3 min

This is a shorter Highlights version of my performance with Alan Alda at the World Science Festival.

It was so much fun!