“Eddie Goldstein has long been recognized as one of the most talented museum science presenters in the world.  Eddie does a tremendous job involving audiences in an engaging manner, integrating magic with good science and humor.”

 Jeffrey Rudolph,  President and CEO,  California Science Center

The Magical Math and Science Show

Your annual fund-raising gala is fast approaching.  You need something that is entertaining.  But, it also has to represent the spirit of your museum.  Science education delivered in an engaging way.

Family science weekend is coming up and you want something that will attract your members, young and old.  How can you give them a great time while expanding their knowledge of math and science?  After all, that’s why they became members in the first place.

The Magical Math and Science Show fits the bill.

You can see a menu and description of the MMSS modules by CLICKING HERE.

Eddie Goldstein | Magical Math and Science Show Science Theater

World-renowned, The Magical Math and Science Show is a unique combination of scientific demonstrations, intriguing explanations, and sleight of hand magic.  Your guests will get to “peek behind the scenes” as they learn the scientific principles behind some of magic’s most clever secrets.  But, don’t worry.  I don’t tell everything.  Your audience will be amazed, dazzled, and entertained.

On a deeper level, an understanding of science is one of the most important life skills of the 21st century.  Whether or not you are a scientist, having an appreciation for science, and the ability to think scientifically is more essential with each passing day.  That’s exactly what The Magical Math and Science Show challenges your audience to do.  To think scientifically.

The Magical Math and Science show is a modular show.  That is, I select from a menu of topics to create a show that is perfect for your audience.  The topics include: Topology, Center of Gravity, Matrices, Probability, Inertia, Forces and Vectors, Angular Momentum, and, of course, some good old magic tricks – just for the fun of it.

So, if you want to give your potential funders a night they will remember.  Or, give your members an afternoon they will never forget. 
Give them The Magical Math and Science Show.  Best of all, you will be showing off your museum in the best possible light.

Eddie Goldstein | Magical Math and Science Show at the Singapore Science Center